Retrospective Operation of Statute: An Overview Of Section 35(5) Of Amcon Act, 2019.

Retrospective operation of Statute is an application of the law to actions, which existed prior to the enactment of the said law. That is, such laws change or alter the legal consequences of acts that took place prior to its enactment. A retrospective law impairs an existing right by creating or imposing a new liability for an act committed before the enactment of a law. A retrospective legislation is contrary to the general principle of prospective operation of law; which provides for and, regulates the future acts of men, and does not interfere in any way with what happened in the past. The question that we face during the applicability of retrospective law is whether a statute or law, should be given a retrospective effect, which takes away or impairs an existing right or impose a new liability.

Basic Insights Music Artistes should know about Intellectual Property Rights

Beverley Agbakoba-Onyejianya & Pauline Mbanza OAL This short article gives a basic insight into what every budding artiste should know about their Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)  in music, it is also for anyone interested in the music industry and the technicalities involved. Intellectual property refers to the creations of the mind such as inventions, literary and artistic works, designs…