Developing a New National Space Policy for Nigeria

However, the current focus of the space program involves the development of Earth observation and communication satellites. Nigeria has since launched six satellites namely:  NigeriaSat-1 (2003), NigComSat-1 (2007), NigeriaSat-2 (2011), Nigeriasat-X (2011), NigComSat-1R (2011) and NigeriaEduSat-1 (2017). The success of these programs should signify that the Nigeria Space Policy has been successful; however, as the country moves closer to its 2025 policy deadline, there is a lot left undone. One of the cardinal objectives of the space policy was to establish a full-capacity rocket launch facility in Nigeria.  Despite having barely 3 years left of its policy, Nigeria only has a rocket testing facility

Electoral Act 2022, The Implication and Developmental Trend it Brings to Electoral Process in Nigeria.

Cornelius Okey Gabriel The electoral process of a state goes a long way in the determination of governance in the given state. The electoral process is an ideal and integral part of the democratic process, whether in a developed or developing nation. A malfunctioning electoral system inadvertently produces maladministration or bad governance. In most developing…