The Validity or Otherwise of IPPIS and UTAS from the Legal Perspective

“It is difficult to discern how ASUU’s interest were adversely affected by the contents and letters of IPPIS. ASUU, probably, requires enlightenment about the IPPIS platform. The IPPIS and the UTAS contravene crucial elements of the contract of employment and industrial law in that, respectively, there is the absence of consensus ad idem between the parties in the introduction of the IPPIS platform and its UTAS counterpart, and that IPPIS tampered with the general accrued wages of workers, with regards to the ASUU counterpart. This is to say, in essence, that the two platforms, IPPIS and UTAS, are actually invalid, null and void, and unenforceable in law. It was surmised that the federal government should dialogue and arrive at a compromise to evolve an acceptable platform to both parties.”

Nigeria’s Floating Exchange Rate Regime – Potential Tax Implications & Management Strategies For Businesses

Over time, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has adopted different exchange rate systems, such as controlled, floating, and managed float, alongside intermittent interventions, all aimed at achieving extended market stability. The controlled exchange rate system is that in which the central bank determines a fixed exchange rate, while floating exchange rate system allows the determination of the rate by market forces. Meanwhile, the managed float exchange rate system allows the influence of demand and supply to determine the exchange rate but also allows occasional involvement by the central bank to manage persistent fluctuations.

Access To The Internet Be Designated A Fundamental Human Right

The UN noted that access to the internet needed to be anchored in a human rights-based approach, and that the internet should be open, accessible, and nurtured by multi-stakeholder participation. In this regard, it is safe to say that the UN’s action in ensuring that access to the internet right is a fundamental human right is hinged on several factors anchored on several other rights. This was shown in the recent wave of demonstrations and protests across west, central and northern Africa. The Black Lives Movement, #EndSars movement, elections in Brazil, Kenya, Nigeria, and Lesotho which were greatly influenced by social media and the internet, demonstrate the need to facilitate access to the internet for all persons.

The Tripartite Identity of Y.C. MAIKYAU, SAN and Its Impacts on Nigerian Bar Association

It seems Maikyau has allowed his 2nd identity as the APC Lawyer to influence or impart negatively on his 3rd identity as NBA President. When you see news items like “NBA President Y.C. Maikyau, SAN thanked  President Tinubu for appointing Lateef Fagbemi, SAN as the AGF” you begin to wonder if the Constitution permits appointment of a Medical Doctor as an AGF, hence the appreciation for the favour done NBA by the President.