A Captured Temple of Justice

“What is good for the judges, apparently is also good for the politicians. So, as the country headed into the 2019 elections, the then ruling party handed the ticket to represent Bauchi North in the Senate to the husband of the President of the Court of Appeal, who plays the primary role in election dispute resolution. On his exit from the Senate four years later, the Senator confessed that instead of using the bedroom to enjoy geriatric connubium, he had converted it into a venue where he habitually “encroached” on his wife’s judicial independence for the benefit of his political co-travellers.”

Developing a New National Space Policy for Nigeria

However, the current focus of the space program involves the development of Earth observation and communication satellites. Nigeria has since launched six satellites namely:  NigeriaSat-1 (2003), NigComSat-1 (2007), NigeriaSat-2 (2011), Nigeriasat-X (2011), NigComSat-1R (2011) and NigeriaEduSat-1 (2017). The success of these programs should signify that the Nigeria Space Policy has been successful; however, as the country moves closer to its 2025 policy deadline, there is a lot left undone. One of the cardinal objectives of the space policy was to establish a full-capacity rocket launch facility in Nigeria.  Despite having barely 3 years left of its policy, Nigeria only has a rocket testing facility

Electoral Act 2022, The Implication and Developmental Trend it Brings to Electoral Process in Nigeria.

Cornelius Okey Gabriel The electoral process of a state goes a long way in the determination of governance in the given state. The electoral process is an ideal and integral part of the democratic process, whether in a developed or developing nation. A malfunctioning electoral system inadvertently produces maladministration or bad governance. In most developing…

Nigerian Justices Have Been Selling Election Judgments To Incumbent Presidents Since 1979

Chief Awolowo and Olusegun Obasanjo exchanged some testy epistles reproduced in Musikilu Mojeed’s The Letterman, in which Awolowo effectively alleged that the appointment of Fatayi-Williams as CJN in 1979 came with an implicit bargain concerning the determination of the election petition of that year. He also suggested that days before the Supreme Court announced the decision on 26 September 1979, Chief Justice Atanda Fatayi-Williams leaked the decision of the Court to General Obasanjo, who desired to be reassured that he could proceed with the inauguration date of 1 October 1979 as planned. Forty-four years later, the current incumbent travelled to India with the assurance of a man who knew that the imminent announcement of the PEPT judgement did not threaten his position.

The Tripartite Identity of Y.C. MAIKYAU, SAN and Its Impacts on Nigerian Bar Association

It seems Maikyau has allowed his 2nd identity as the APC Lawyer to influence or impart negatively on his 3rd identity as NBA President. When you see news items like “NBA President Y.C. Maikyau, SAN thanked  President Tinubu for appointing Lateef Fagbemi, SAN as the AGF” you begin to wonder if the Constitution permits appointment of a Medical Doctor as an AGF, hence the appreciation for the favour done NBA by the President.