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LEIS LAW CLINIC – a sanctuary of legal excellence where tradition meets innovation.

Our firm is built on a foundation of extensive legal knowledge, a profound understanding of our clients’ needs, and a steadfast dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes. With a harmonious blend of seasoned expertise and fresh perspectives, we tackle each case with a personalized approach, ensuring that every client receives the attention and bespoke service they deserve. At LEIS LAW CLINIC, we don’t just practice law; we redefine it, making it accessible, understandable, and workable for you.

Our Values, Our Name:

  • L – Leadership in Law.
  • E – Empathy and Empowerment.
  • I – Integrity and Innovation
  • S – Service with Sophistication.


Unwavering Integrity

At LEIS Law Clinic, trust is the cornerstone of our relationship with clients. We pledge absolute transparency and ethical advocacy, ensuring that your legal journey is grounded in honesty and moral fortitude.

Tenacious Advocacy

Your battles are ours to fight with relentless passion and unyielding commitment. We stand as tireless champions for justice, pledging to pursue your case with the utmost vigor and dedication until a satisfactory resolution is reached.

Client-Centric Innovation

We navigate the complexities of the law with a forward-thinking mindset, embracing cutting-edge legal technologies and innovative strategies to deliver tailor-made solutions that perfectly fit your unique legal needs.

Compassionate Counsel

At the heart of LEIS Law Clinic is a deep-rooted empathy for our clients. We provide not just legal expertise, but a supportive environment where your concerns are heard, your stresses alleviated, and your well-being prioritized.

Our Practice Areas

Company Law

From corporate formation to complex mergers and acquisitions, our company law division ensures your business operates seamlessly within the legal framework. Secured Credit Transactions: Secure your financial interests with our strategic legal solutions in perfecting security interests, enforcing creditor rights, and navigating insolvency issues.

Constitutional & Electoral Law

Championing the rule of law, our constitutional specialists handle litigation, advise on legislative compliance, and protect fundamental rights and freedoms.

Garnishee & General Litigation

We offer precise legal action in debt recovery through garnishee proceedings, ensuring that judgments are satisfied with due diligence and legal acumen. we’re also equipped to tackle a broad spectrum of legal disputes with a team of formidable litigators skilled in courtroom advocacy and conflict resolution.

Intellectual Property and Conveyancing Law

Our IP attorneys offer robust protection, management, and enforcement of intellectual property rights in a global market; while our property law connoisseurs handle real estate transactions, dispute resolution, and land use planning with meticulous care and legal expertise.

International Law

Safeguarding sovereign rights and commercial interests, our expertise extends to maritime boundary delimitation, navigation freedoms, and the sustainable exploitation of marine resources.

Labour Law

From employment contracts to dispute resolution, our labour law experts advocate for fair workplace practices and protect employee and employer rights. Protect your maritime ventures with our adept handling of marine insurance policies, claims resolution, and risk management.

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Why Engage Us

In the ever-evolving landscape of law and technology, it is crucial to have a legal team that not only understands the intricacies of the law but also leverages modern tools to deliver exceptional service.

15 years of experience

Since our inception, we have been at the forefront of the legal industry, providing top-notch services and cultivating a track record of success. With over a decade of experience, our firm has mastered the art of navigating complex legal challenges while adapting to the changing dynamics of the legal landscape.

Professional and Ethical

Our commitment to professionalism and ethics is the bedrock of our practice. We maintain the highest standards of integrity, confidentiality, and diligence in every case we handle. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your legal matters are managed with the utmost care and respect. We understand the importance of trust in the attorney-client relationship and strive to build and maintain that trust through transparent and ethical practices.

Modern & Tech-Savvy

We pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking legal practice. By embracing technology, we enhance our capabilities in legal research, document management, and client communication. This not only increases our efficiency and accuracy but also allows us to provide you with more cost-effective solutions. Our tech savviness means we are always ready to employ innovative approaches to meet your legal needs in today’s digital world.


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Miriam Gray – regular customer

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Alex White – regular customer

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James Swift – regular customer

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