Intellectual Property

At LEIS LAW CLINIC, we offer a full spectrum of legal services tailored to protect, manage, and enforce intellectual property (IP) rights. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to helping clients navigate the complex landscape of IP law, ensuring their innovations and creative works are safeguarded. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Patent Law:

    We assist clients with the patenting process, including conducting patent searches, preparing and filing patent applications, and representing clients in patent prosecution, licensing, and infringement litigation.

  • Trademark Law:

    Our services encompass trademark selection, clearance searches, registration, maintenance, and defense of trademark rights in both litigation and administrative proceedings.

  • Copyright Law:

    We advise on copyright protection strategies, assist with registration, and represent clients in disputes concerning copyright infringement and fair use issues.

  • Trade Secret Protection:

    Our firm provides counsel on best practices for maintaining trade secrets, drafting non-disclosure agreements, and pursuing legal action against misappropriation.

  • IP Licensing and Agreements:

    We negotiate and draft licensing agreements, assignment deeds, and other IP-related contracts to maximize the value and utility of IP assets.

  • IP Portfolio Management:

    Our attorneys develop and manage comprehensive IP portfolios, providing strategic advice to ensure robust protection and alignment with business goals.

  • IP Litigation:

    We offer vigorous representation in IP litigation, advocating for clients’ rights in cases of infringement, dilution, and unfair competition.

  • IP Due Diligence:

    Our due diligence services are crucial for mergers, acquisitions, and investment decisions, assessing the value and risks associated with IP assets.

  • Design Law:

    We assist clients with the protection of industrial designs, addressing both aesthetic and functional aspects, and represent clients in design infringement cases.

  • IP Strategy and Counseling:

    Our team offers strategic counseling to align IP protection with the overall business strategy, including advising startups and innovators on IP commercialization.

  • Internet and Domain Name Disputes:

    We handle disputes over domain names, including cybersquatting issues, and work with clients to protect their online presence.

  • Counterfeiting and Piracy:

    We combat counterfeiting and piracy, working with enforcement agencies to protect and enforce IP rights against unauthorized use.

We appreciate the critical role that intellectual property plays in driving innovation and competitive advantage. Our expert IP attorneys are committed to providing cutting-edge legal solutions that empower clients to thrive in an ever-evolving global marketplace. Whether it’s securing IP rights, leveraging assets, or defending against infringement, our firm delivers strategic guidance and robust legal protection.