International Law of the Sea

In addition to our comprehensive International Maritime Law services, LEIS LAW CLINIC also specializes in the International Law of the Sea, offering our clients expert legal counsel in the following sub-areas:

  • Maritime Zone Jurisdiction:

    We advise on legal matters related to the establishment and delineation of various maritime zones, including territorial seas, contiguous zones, exclusive economic zones (EEZs), and continental shelves.

  • Navigation Rights and Freedoms:

    Our firm represents clients in issues concerning the rights of passage, including innocent passage and transit passage, ensuring navigational freedoms are respected in accordance with international law.

  • Marine Resource Exploitation:

    We provide guidance on the legal frameworks governing the exploitation of marine resources such as oil, gas, and minerals, including licensing, concession agreements, and dispute resolution.

  • Maritime Boundary Disputes:

    Our expertise extends to representing states and private entities in the negotiation and adjudication of maritime boundary disputes before international tribunals and courts.

  • Marine Conservation and Management:

    We advocate for the sustainable use of the ocean’s resources and advise on compliance with international agreements related to the conservation and management of marine biodiversity.

  • Maritime Scientific Research:

    Our legal services include advising on the conduct of marine scientific research, addressing issues such as research permits, data sharing, and intellectual property rights.

  • High Seas Governance:

    We counsel on the legal aspects of activities on the high seas, including fishing, shipping, and the conservation of high seas resources.

  • Deep Seabed Mining:

    Our firm advises on the emerging legal regimes governing deep seabed mining, including exploration licenses, environmental impact assessments, and the role of the International Seabed Authority.

  • Dispute Resolution Mechanisms:

    We represent clients in the peaceful settlement of disputes related to the law of the sea, utilizing mechanisms such as negotiation, arbitration, and adjudication before international forums.

  • Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage:

    Our attorneys provide legal assistance in matters concerning the preservation and protection of underwater cultural heritage sites under international conventions.

LEIS LAW CLINIC is committed to delivering exceptional legal services in the multifaceted field of the International Law of the Sea. Our team of seasoned attorneys is well-versed in the nuances of international maritime conventions and national legislation, ensuring that our clients’ interests are effectively represented in all maritime and ocean-related matters.