Law of Marine Insurance

At LEIS LAW CLINIC, we possess a specialized understanding of the Law of Marine Insurance, providing comprehensive legal services in this intricate field. Our legal expertise encompasses a variety of sub-areas:

  • Policy Drafting and Review:

    We assist insurers and insured parties in drafting clear and comprehensive marine insurance policies, and we conduct thorough reviews to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Marine Insurance Claims:

    Our firm adeptly handles the filing and defense of marine insurance claims, addressing issues such as cargo damage, hull losses, and liability claims, to ensure a fair and prompt resolution.

  • Coverage Disputes:

    We represent clients in disputes over insurance coverage, including the interpretation of policy terms, conditions, and exclusions.

  • Risk Assessment and Management:

    Our attorneys advise on risk management strategies to minimize exposure and ensure that insurance coverage adequately reflects the risks inherent to maritime operations.

  • Reinsurance:

    We provide legal counsel on reinsurance agreements, ensuring that primary insurers can effectively transfer portions of their risk to reinsurers in a sound legal framework.

  • Marine Insurance Regulatory Compliance:

    Our firm stays at the forefront of regulatory changes, advising clients on compliance with national and international marine insurance regulations.

  • Subrogation:

    We pursue subrogation rights on behalf of marine insurers to recover the amount of a claim paid to the insured from a third party responsible for the loss.

  • Insurance Litigation:

    Our team has extensive experience in litigating marine insurance disputes, representing clients in court and in arbitration proceedings.

  • Loss Prevention and Mitigation:

    We work with clients to establish best practices for loss prevention and to devise strategies for mitigating losses when incidents occur.

  • Insurance Contract Interpretation:

    Our legal expertise extends to the precise interpretation of insurance contracts, aiding clients in understanding their rights and obligations under marine insurance policies.

LEIS LAW CLINIC is dedicated to providing top-tier legal services in the area of Marine Insurance Law. Our clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge and proactive approach to navigating the complexities of marine insurance, ensuring that their assets and operations are protected. Whether it’s negotiating policy terms, handling claims, or resolving disputes, our team is equipped to deliver legal solutions that are as robust as the maritime industry itself.