International Maritime Law

At LEIS LAW CLINIC, we offer a wide range of legal services under the umbrella of International Maritime Law, tailored to meet the needs of our clients in the global maritime industry. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Shipping Law:

    We provide legal guidance on all aspects of commercial shipping operations, including vessel registration, ship financing, and maritime transactions.

  • Admiralty Law:

    Our firm represents clients in maritime disputes, including collision, salvage, and general average claims, as well as the enforcement of maritime liens and ship arrests.

  • Marine Insurance:

    We advise on the intricacies of marine insurance policies and assist in the resolution of disputes arising from marine insurance contracts.

  • Maritime Safety and Security:

    We help clients navigate the regulatory landscape concerning maritime safety standards, security protocols, and compliance with international conventions.

  • Marine Environmental Law:

    Our practice is committed to helping clients adhere to environmental regulations, addressing issues such as pollution prevention, waste management, and the protection of marine ecosystems.

  • Fisheries Law:

    We offer counsel on the management and sustainable use of marine resources, including compliance with fisheries regulation and representation in fisheries disputes.

  • Maritime Labour Law:

    Our services extend to ensuring fair treatment and lawful working conditions for seafarers, in accordance with international maritime labor standards.

  • Port State and Flag State Control:

    We advise on the legal responsibilities associated with both port and flag state controls, ensuring that clients’ operations are in line with international maritime norms.

  • Maritime Boundary Delimitation:

    Our expertise includes advising on the legal processes for establishing maritime boundaries and resolving disputes related to territorial waters and economic zones.

  • Piracy and Armed Robbery at Sea:

    We offer legal strategies for preventing and responding to acts of piracy and armed robbery against vessels, ensuring the safety of crews and cargo.

  • Salvage and Wreck Laws:

    Our firm provides legal assistance on matters related to maritime salvage operations, the rights of salvors, and the handling of maritime wrecks.

  • Carriage of Goods by Sea:

    We specialize in the laws governing the transport of goods, advising on contracts of carriage and claims arising from the loss or damage to cargo.

LEIS LAW CLINIC is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation and advisory services to our clients in the maritime sector. Our deep understanding of the maritime industry, combined with our legal expertise, positions us to adeptly navigate the complexities of International Maritime Law on behalf of our clients.