The Validity or Otherwise of IPPIS and UTAS from the Legal Perspective

“It is difficult to discern how ASUU’s interest were adversely affected by the contents and letters of IPPIS. ASUU, probably, requires enlightenment about the IPPIS platform. The IPPIS and the UTAS contravene crucial elements of the contract of employment and industrial law in that, respectively, there is the absence of consensus ad idem between the parties in the introduction of the IPPIS platform and its UTAS counterpart, and that IPPIS tampered with the general accrued wages of workers, with regards to the ASUU counterpart. This is to say, in essence, that the two platforms, IPPIS and UTAS, are actually invalid, null and void, and unenforceable in law. It was surmised that the federal government should dialogue and arrive at a compromise to evolve an acceptable platform to both parties.”