The Basics of Software Copyright

Also, software copyright can be infringed without necessarily making a copy of the code. The mere use of an original computer program to create the same functionality in a new program would suffice as an infringement. Even if none of the original code is used, the copyright in the original program may in some cases be infringed. For example, using an original computer program for “inspiration” to create the same functionality in a new program.

Basic Insights Music Artistes should know about Intellectual Property Rights

Beverley Agbakoba-Onyejianya & Pauline Mbanza OAL This short article gives a basic insight into what every budding artiste should know about their Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)  in music, it is also for anyone interested in the music industry and the technicalities involved. Intellectual property refers to the creations of the mind such as inventions, literary and artistic works, designs…